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AP Biology Notes Essay - 3094 Words

AP Biology Notes

ow do the Taylor Glacier bacteria produce their energy?
A) photosynthesis
B) heterotrophism
C) chemoautotrophism
D) thermophobism
E) chemosynthesis C
In ecosystems, why is the term cycling used to describe material transfer, whereas the term flow is used for energy exchange? A) Materials are repeatedly used, but energy flows through and out of ecosystems. B) Both material and energy are recycled and are then transferred to other ecosystems as in a flow. C) Materials are cycled into ecosystems from other ecosystems, but energy constantly flows within the ecosystem. D) Both material and energy flow in a never-ending stream within an ecosystem. E) None of the choices is correct. A

Which statement most accurately describes how matter and energy are used in ecosystems? A) Matter is cycled through ecosystems; energy is not.
B) Energy is cycled through ecosystems; matter is not.
C) Energy can be converted into matter; matter cannot be converted into energy. D) Matter can be converted into energy; energy cannot be converted into matter. E) Matter is used in ecosystems; energy is not. A

The law of conservation of matter states that matter cannot be created, yet matter is sometimes gained or lost to an ecosystem. What is the reason for this seeming contradiction? A) Chemoautotrophic organisms can convert matter to energy.

B) Matter can be moved in/out of an ecosystem from/to another ecosystem. C) Photosynthetic organisms convert solar energy to sugars.
D) Detrivores convert matter to energy.
E) Heterotrophs convert heat to energy. B
Photosynthetic organisms are unique to most ecosystems because they A) synthesize organic compounds they obtain from decaying heterotrophs. B) synthesize inorganic compounds from organic compounds.

C) use light energy to synthesize organic compounds.
D) use chemical energy to synthesize organic compounds.
E) convert light energy into matter. C
A cow's herbivorous diet indicates that it is a(n)
A) primary consumer.
B) secondary consumer.
C) decomposer.
D) autotroph.
E) producer. A
To recycle nutrients, an ecosystem must have, at a minimum,
A) producers.
B) producers and decomposers.
C) producers, primary consumers, and decomposers.
D) producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, and decomposers. E) producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, top carnivores, and decomposers. B 
Which of the following terms encompasses all of the others?
A) heterotrophs
B) herbivores
C) carnivores
D) primary consumers
E) secondary consumers A
Which of the following is an example of an ecosystem?
A) All of the brook trout in a 500 hectare2 river drainage system. B) The plants, animals, and decomposers that inhabit an alpine meadow. C) A pond and all of the plant and animal species that live in it. D) The intricate interactions of the various plant and animal species on a savanna during a drought. E) Interactions between all of the organisms and their physical environment in a tropical rain forest. E 

Which of the following is true of detrivores?
A) They recycle chemical elements directly back to primary consumers. B) They synthesize organic molecules that are used by primary producers. C) They convert organic materials from all trophic levels to inorganic compounds usable by primary producers. D) They secrete enzymes that convert the organic molecules of detritus into CO2 and H2O. E) Some species are autotrophic, while others are heterotrophic. C 

The major role of detrivores in ecosystems is to
A) provide a nutritional resource for heterotrophs.
B) recycle chemical nutrients to a form capable of being used by autotrophs. C) prevent the buildup of the organic remains of organisms, feces, and so on. D) return energy lost to the ecosystem by other organisms. B 

Approximately 1% of the solar radiation that strikes a plant is converted into the chemical bond energy of sugars. Why is this amount so low? A) Approximately 99% of the.

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Artem Ilyayev Ap Bio 1) An element is to a(n) ___________ as an organ is to a(n) _______________ Answer - b - compound; organism 2) In the term trace element, the modifier trace means Answer - a - the element is required in very small amounts. 3) Compared to 31P, the radioactive isotope 32P has Answer - b - one more neutron 4) Atoms can be represented by simply listing the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons - for example, 2P+; 2n0; 2e- for helium. Which atom represents the 18O isotope of oxygen? Answer - b - 8p+; 10n0; 8e- 5) The atomic umber of sulfur is 16. Sulfur combines with hydrogen sulfide. Based on the electron configuration of sulfur, we can predict that the molecular formula of the compound will be Answer - c - H2S. 6) Review the valences of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen and then determine which of the following molecules is most likely to exist. Answer - b - 7) The reactivity of an atom arises from Answer - b - the existence of unpaired electrons in the valence shell. 8) Which of these statements is true of all anionic atoms? Answer - a - the atom has more electrons than protons. 9) What coefficients must be placed in the blanks so that all atoms are accounted for in the products? C6H12O6 = __ C2H6O + __CO2 Answer - b - 2;2 10) Which of the following statements correctly describes any chemical reaction that has equilibrium? Answer - b - the rate of the forward reaction equals the rate of the reverse reaction.

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Properties of water (+H-O+O) 1. Polar Molecule-Opposite ends attract 2. High Heat Capacity-Bonds break at high temp 3. Cohesive- Water attracts water 4. Solvent- Ability to dissolve 5. Water less dense as solid than water *Hydrogen Bond- Holds 2 molecules of water 2Geather *Covalent Bond- Holds H & O atoms 2Geather Macromolecules: 1. Carbohydrates (Grains) Monomer-Monosaccharide 3 Subs- Glucose, Glycogen, Starch -Carbon, Hydrogen & Oxygen 2. Protein (Polypeptide) (Red Meats) Monomer- Amino Acid -Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen & Carbon (Amino Acids & Sulfur) Functions- Energy, Hormones & Enzymes Antibody- Blood Protein helps clean blood stream Hormone Glands-Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Adrenal, Pancreas, Ovary, Testy 3. Lipids -Stores Energy (Dairy) Monomer- Glycerol, Fatty Acids -Carbon, Hydrogen & Oxygen -Made up of-Oils, Waxes, Steroids, Phospholipids -Found in Cell Membrane -Lipid Based Steroid- Cholesterol -Unsaturated-Better 4 hearts/ Double Bond -Saturated-Bad 4 Heart/ Single Bond 4. Nucleic Acid (2 Types-DNA&RNA) Monomer- Nucleotide -Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus Function- Make up genetic info in cells DNA-dAMP, dCMP, dGMP RNA-AMP, CMP, GMP Held together by Hydrogen Bonds A: T=2 Hydrogen Bonds & G: C=3 [James Watson & Francis Crick Thanks to data collected by Rosalind] Nucleotide: Nucleotide ATP: Purines: 2 ringed structure A: G Phyrimindines: 1ringed structure T: C 5. Enzymes (Protein).

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forested area cleared for farming and later abandoned. In this case, the earliest plants to start colonization are often herbaceous species that grow from windblown or animal-borne seeds. In the case that the area has not been burned or heavily grazed, woody shrubs may in time replace most of the herbaceous species, which would soon be followed by forest trees. While both kinds of ecological successions have their own unique characteristics and steps, there are some factors both have in common. Both kinds of succession feature factors that can be arranged in a pyramid of biomass. In primary and secondary succession, there we large masses of plants present that could support a medium mass of herbivores and a small mass of carnivores. Also note that in both types of successions, the amount of energy incorporated into the next trophic level from the previous only included a relatively small amount of energy, which accounts for 10%. 3. Competitive Exclusion (Gause’s Principle): Competitive exclusion is the concept that when populations of two similar species compete for the same limited resources, one population will use the resources more efficiently and have a reproductive advantage that will eventually lead to the elimination of the other population. This concept was first observed by Russian ecologist G.F. Gause, whom the concept was named after. In his observation, he studied the behavior of paramecium aurelia and paramecium caudatum. During the.

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APBiologynotes . Chapter 2- The Chemical Context of Life 1. Overview * The bombardier beetle fights the ants that plague it by using chemistry. * The natural systems and environment that organisms live in involves chemistry and physics. * Biology is not the only category of science. There is also chemistry, physics, and engineering. * Organization of life is separated into a hierarchy of structural levels. 2. Elements and Compounds * Matter- anything that takes up space and has mass. * Matter also exists in many different forms and has its own characteristics. It is also made up of elements. * Element- a substance that cannot by broken down to other substances by chemical reactions. * Compound- a substance consisting of two or more different elements combined in a fixed ratio. * Compounds have different properties from those of its elements. (Sodium by itself is a metal and chlorine is a poisonous gas. However, combined they made table salt. ) 3. Essential Elements of Life * About 25 of the 92 natural elements are essential to life. Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen make up 96% of living matter, while phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, and potassium make up the remaining 4%. * Iodine deficiency caused by the lack of iodine causes the thyroid gland to grow to abnormal size. This medical condition is called goiter. * Trace elements- those required.

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Chapter 20: DNA Technology Biotechnology: Use of living organisms to perform tasks. * Wine & cheese * Selective breeding * Antibiotic production * Recombinant DNA Restriction Enzymes * Bacterial enzymes: cut up foreign DNA * Specific: only but at recognition sequences * Palindromic: cut at the same base sequence on each strand, but in the opposite direction * The exposed bases provide “sticky ends” * H-bond to compliment bases of segments cut with same restriction enzyme Recombinant DNA 1. Isolate DNA from 2 sources * Bacterial plasmid w/2 genes * ampR(resistance to ampicillin) * lacZ(makes β galactosidase) * Human cell 2. Treat both w/ the same restriction enzyme * Recognition sequence cuts through lacZ gene in plasmid 3. Mix all DNA fragments with plasmids. * H-bonds bt/n bases temporarily hold “sticky ends” together 4. Add DNA ligase: creates permanent covalent bonds 5. Reintroduce plasmid to bacteria via transformation 6. I.D. recombinant cells by * Ability to grow in * Inability to digest x-gal(the colonies will be white, not blue) X-gal -------------------------------- (β galactosidase)---------------------> Blue product (molecular mimic of (white)lactose) lacZ gene 7. Each bacterium replicates to form thousands of clones * Many different human DNA fragments have been cloned * ------------------------------------------------- How do you find the one “of interest”? Nucleic Acid.

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Chapter 11: Cell Communication Cell-to-cell communication is essential in multicellular organisms. They must communicate to coordinate activities such as growth and development, and reproduction. In addition unicellular organisms communicate with each other. Signals may use light, or touch but we will focus on chemical signals. 1. External signals are converted to responses within the cell a. Evolution of cell signaling i. In yeast a cells and αcells both secrete chemicals, which can only be received by the alternate type yeast. This signals the two cells to join via fusion 1. The process by which the signal on the surface of the cell is converted to a series of steps by the cell in response is called a signal transduction pathway ii. Signal transduction pathways are very similar in yeast and in complex multicellular organisms 2. This leads scientists to believe that this pathway evolved first in ancient prokaryotes b. Local and long distance signaling iii. Local signaling 3. Adjacent cells of plants and animals may communicate through cell junctions a. Signaling substances dissolved in the cytoplasm travel between cells i. Plants = plasmodesmata ii. Animals = gap junctions 4. Animal cells may use the following b. Cell-to-cell recognition iii. Direct contact between.

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APBiology . Chapter 9 Cellular Respiration and Fermentation Life is Work 9.1 Catabolic pathways yield energy by oxidizing organic fuels Intro Catabolic Pathways and Production of ATP 1. Distinguish fermentation and cellular respiration. Fermentation Partial degradation of glucose Uses no O2 Yields some ATP Cellular respiration Complete degradation to CO2 and H2O Requires O2 = aerobic Yields much more ATP 2. Describe the summary equation for cellular respiration. Also note the specific chemical equation for the degradation of glucose. Organic compounds + O2 è CO2 + H2O + energy C6H12O6 + 6O2 è 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy (ΔG = -686 kcal/mol) Redox reactions: Oxidation and Reduction Intro The Principle of Redox 4. Define oxidation and reduction. Oxidation = loss of electrons; really the increase in oxidation number Reduction = gain of electrons; really the decrease in oxidation number 5. Explain how redox reactions are involved in energy exchanges. When electrons are transferred, energy is released or stored Ex. electrons transferred to oxygen fall to lower energy states Oxidation of Organic Fuel Molecules During Cellular Respiration 6. Explain why organic molecules that have an abundance of hydrogen are excellent cellular fuels. Electrons are shared very equally between H and C Equal sharing means high energy.

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generation to generation and become more dominant and numerous in the gene pool. Underrepresented alleles gradually die out in the gene pool and can be wiped out in an entire population. Finally, gene flow, the transfer of alleles into or out of a population due to the movement of fertile individuals or their gametes, causes microevolution by introducing new, random alleles to a population and eliminating others. New traits can dominate a population if a random influx of individuals occurs. These genes can be passed from generation APBIO5._____________________.FR23 Mr. Nestojko December 3, 2014 to generation through sexual reproduction and the dominant genotypes/phenotypes will be observed. 3. Evolution is one of the unifying themes of biology . Evolution involves change in the frequencies of alleles in a population. For a particular genetic locus in a population, the frequency of the recessive allele (a) is 0.4 and the frequency of the dominant allele (A) is 0.6. a) What is the frequency of each genotype (AA, Aa, aa) in this population? What is the frequency of the dominant phenotype? AA- 36 % Aa- 48% aa- 16% frequency of dominate phenotype: 84% b) How can the Hardy-Weinberg principle of genetic equilibrium be used to determine whether this population is evolving? The Hardy-Weinberg principle of genetic equilibrium can be used to determine whether this population is evolving because if all of the conditions for equilibrium are not met, it can be concluded.

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Ap biology trophic levels essay

AP Biology ecosystem essay. Wesley theological seminary admissions essays. Biology levels essay Trophic ap. Energy flows through an ecosystem and is not recycled, unlike the. Essay about zoo visit essay. My hero essay dade are quotations included in word count extended essay …. ap biology trophic levels essay AP Biology Interdependence ap biology trophic levels essay FRQ/Essay Describe the thesis editor efficiency of energy transfer between trophic levels and discuss Sokolowsky AP Biology 2 Ancient history topics for essays September. Browse. Essay biology levels trophic help Ap Essays on leadership and characteristics. Interests. Essay Ap levels myself biology trophic about Memory mnemonics research paper single cause multiple effects essay being a people balavela religion in china essay in malayalam …. About levels Ap trophic myself essay biology Simple Jacques derrida differance essay essay on chipko movement leaders. Biography & Memoir; various trophic levels. AP Biology Ecology Questions and Standards. elaboration of trophic levels __ Producers thesis editing services (autotrophs) start energy flow __ Consumers (heterotrophs). thesis on language education.

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Essential Biology Chapter 19 Practice Test Flashcards

Essential Biology Chapter 19 Practice Test

How does energy flow differ from chemical cycling?
A) Energy flow is unidirectional; chemical elements can be recycled.
B) Energy can enter but cannot leave an ecosystem; chemical elements can leave but
cannot enter an ecosystem.
C) Energy flows from lower to higher trophic levels; chemicals cycle from higher to
lower trophic levels.
D) Energy can both enter and leave an ecosystem; chemical elements always remain
within a single ecosystem.
E) Energy cannot be created or destroyed; chemical elements can be created and

A) Energy flow is unidirectional; chemical elements can be recycled.

Why are most energy pyramids limited to three to five levels?
A) Energy pyramids, which are limited to no more than five levels, do not accurately
represent the energy dynamics of a food web, in which there often are more than five
trophic levels.
B) The higher the trophic level, the larger the organism; the larger the organism, the less
likely it will be prey.
C) The nutritional quality of existing biomass decreases with increasing trophic level.
D) Most ecosystems have insufficient space to support the increased number of
organisms that more trophic levels would require.
E) There is insufficient energy to support more trophic levels.

E) There is insufficient energy to support more trophic levels.

Trophic Levels - AP Biology Summer Ecology Project 2011-2012

Below is an example provided by, of a food pyramid that illustrates the trophic levels found in this environment. It should be noted that as the food pyramid ascends, the amount of energy decreases.

Each organism in an ecosystem depends on another organism to draw it's energy from. There are both indirect and direct relationships. The relationships between the animals and their dependency on eachother's survival is how interdependecy in a community functions. Primary consumers need producers to survive, while the seconday and tertiary consumers need to feed on the primary consumers in order to live.

Primary Producers (autotrophs) include. Oak (Quercus), Maple (Acer), Beech (Fagus). Chestnut (Castanea). Elm (Ulmus). Walnut (Juglans), shrubs, grasses, etc.

Primary Consumers include. Moose (Alces alces ), Black Bear ( Ursus americanus), Skunk ( Mephitis), Groundhog ( Marmota monax), Whitetail Deer ( Odocoileus virginianus), Racoon (P. lotor), Rabbit (Sylvilagus), Oppossum (Didelphis), Honey Bee (Apis mellifera Linnaeus)

Secondary Consumers include. Red Fox ( Vulpes vulpes), Coyote ( Canis latrans). Dragonflies (Order Odonata), Northern Black Widow (Latrodectus variolus), Mosquito (Culiseta longiareolata), Barred Owl ( Strix varia), Broadwinged Hawk ( Buteo platypterus), Osprey ( Pandion haliaetus)

Tertiary Consumers include. Cougar (Puma concolor ), Gray Wolf ( Canis lupus), Bobcat ( Lynx rufus), Bald Eagle ( Haliaeetus leucocephalus),

Focused example of a predator and prey relationship: A chipmunk eats a berry from a bush, and a hawk eats the chipmunk. The hawk is the secondary consumer, and the chipmunk (prey) is the primary consumer.

In symbiosis, at least one member of the pair benefits from the relationship. In this environment, a symbiotic relationship example includes the interaction of mosquitos on mammals around them. Mosquitos benefit independently by sucking blood from the mammals, while mammals are left with itchy sores. (parasitism)

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