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Important Lessons Learned In Life Essay

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What Important Lessons in Life Are Learned Away from School?

What Important Lessons in Life Are Learned Away from School?

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Schools are places of education, where students are brought up with appropriate guidance in the way that they should go. Despite the fact that almost the whole of our growing years are spent there, there are indeed certain lessons in life which cannot be learnt from school. Learning away from school refers to the gaining of knowledge that is out of the physical confines of the school. Some of these important lessons include: family love, willingness to accept failure and to be open-minded.

Family love can be introduced or taught in school, but it can only be truly learned away from school. While schools can give the theoretical basis for the importance of a family in one’s life, they cannot provide the practical experiences one requires in order to value those around her. The idea of valuing family is essential in life, because we will find that when tough times come, even when all our friends desert us, there is always a family that we can turn to and count on. As such, it is conclusive that family love can only be learned away from school.

In life, we often have to grapple with the fact that failures are an inevitable aspect of our path to success. The bitter pill of failure is often more than what most people can handle and generally, school teaches us how to avoid failures rather than what to do when you come face to face with it. In order to learn from our failures, we must first be able to accept it, and this is never easy. The willingness to accept failure is more often than not, a skill which is acquired through one’s experience and willpower. Not only should we not fear failure, we should embrace the new wisdom and strength that comes along with every failed attempt as almost all great success is bred from constant failure. Therefore, the willingness to accept failure is the fundamental element for progress and this certainly cannot be learned in the classroom.

Lastly, by being open-minded and loosening our

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Important lessons in life Essay - 734 Words

Important lessons in life

If you stop for just five minutes and pay attention, really pay attention, you will be able to pick up on some of the most basic and important lessons in life. These are lessons that will allow each and every one of us to enjoy and experience life more fully, more richly, more intimately.

Lessons that will allow each of us to experience life more fully and let go of stress. Here are three lessons you can get from life just by paying attention for five minutes.

1. Everything changes. As I have often heard, "change is the only constant." Much sorrow and sadness come to people because of their inability to accept the fact that everything changes. Nothing ever stays the same. This has always been true, always will be true, and no amount of wishing things to be different will ever make them so.

Every second of our lives we are changing. We must learn to grasp this and appreciate it's real value. If things stayed the same, there would be no chance of living a more fulfilling life. Of accomplishing goals and chasing dreams. There would be no advancement or the opportunity to improve those areas of your life you currently are not pleased with.

We must remember that nothing stays the same. If things are going horribly in your life and you are in a place that you absolutely hate, remember that this will pass. Even if your in a place that you never want to change, just remember that this too will pass. Nothings stays the same, and it never will.

2. Life is meant to be abundant and full or prosperity, joy, and happiness. None of us our meant to suffer and live a life of sorrow. If you watch a child, you will notice this in only a few minutes. Children are naturally happy. They can get their hands smacked for touching something, cry for a second, then be back up and running with a huge smile on their face, and usually back after what they got their hands smacked for in the first place.

Every single one of us is meant to live a life of happiness, joy.

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Lifelessons #1 Loving someone doesn’t mean losing YOU. True love empowers you, it doesn’t erase you. True love allows human beings to build amazing things, by working together through passion, kindness, and good will. so be strong enough to stand alone, love yourself enough to stand apart, but be wise enough to share your love and stand together when the time comes. #2 Getting Even doesn’t help you get ahead you will never get ahead of anyone as long as you try to get even with them. sometimes we don’t forgive people because they deserve it. we forgive them because they need it, we need it, and because we cannot move forward without it. to forgive is to rediscover the inner peace and purpose that at first you thought someone took away when they betrayed you. #3 You attract what you show the world so if you want it, reflect to. happiness, freedom, and peace of mind to others without expectation. the one who blesses others; those who help others are eventually helped. you have two hands; one to help yourself, the second to help those around you. #4 Failure is success when you learn from it experience is what you get when u don’t get what you want. obstacles can’t stop you. problems can’t stop you. other people can’t stop you. these barriers are temporary- they come and go. which is why, over the course of a lifetime, the only barrier that can truly stop you, is YOU. so don’t give up. sometimes you have to journey through hell on earth to.

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Experience is lifelessons Paulo Coelho teaches in the Alchemist to always believe in oneself and to never forget what one truly want and desire, even if it takes days, months, or years to over come the challenges that may come along the way. He also teaches people to “live and learn” from oneself mistakes to make the right choices at the appropriate time. In the Alchemist Santiago deals with a great amount of challenges, difficulties and tests throughout his quest to obtain his Personal Legend and his treasure, even though things weren’t going how he expected. There were many obstacles in Santiago’s journey towards completing his Personal Legend, but only three of them were key to unlock the path to his treasure. Santiago learns the value of hard work when he works at the crystal merchant shop, because he must over come the thief of his money. The heartache of leaving Fatima at the oasis is another obstacle that he must overcome along with realizing he must reach to his full potential to turn into the wind and reach out to the Soul of the World. The conflicts/obstacles that Santiago encounters help him to continue with his journey and include working at the crystal merchant’s shop, leaving Fatima and turning into the wind to save his life . Santiago learns the value of hard work when he works at the crystal’s merchant shop as he over comes the thief of his money. After working there for several months Santiago builds a.

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Life's Greatest Lesson "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." As Henry Adams stated, and is the summary of the impervious bond between the characters Mitch and Morrie, in Tuesdays with Morrie. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) often referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease is a form of motor neuron diseases. It is a rare disorder in which the nerves that control muscular activity degenerate within the brain and spinal cord. What results is weakness and wasting away of the muscles. The cause is unknown. About one to two cases of ALS are diagnosed annually per 100,000 people in the US. (Lou) Sufferers will notice weakness in the hands and arms accompanied by wasting of the muscles (Motor). The weakness usually progresses to involve the muscles of respiration and swallowing leading to death in two to four years. When someone is diagnosed with such disorder, it turns their life in unknown directions, and you can either handle it positively and be strong and love through it, or let it waste your life away. In Mitch Albom's Tuesday's with Morrie the main character Morrie Schwartz is diagnosed with ALS, he doesn't let it slow him down in his life ; it has made him personally stronger, and gave those people around him a more positive attitude. ALS attacks motor neurons, which are among the largest of all nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. These cells send messages to muscles.

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Danielle Roy Jroy1 Example Essay 5/18/11 LifeLessons in the Work Place What do you think about when you think work? People often think of long hours, tedious tasks, complaining customers, and moody bosses. Although some of these aspects may be true, the work field can teach you some very importantlifelessons . Learning these lessons in early adolescents will prepare you for the ups and downs of the work experience. These lessons will help you prepare yourself for future careers. Responsibility is one of the most importantlessons you will ever learn in the workplace. By being a responsible person you earn trust, respect, and loyalty. If you are a responsible employee in the work place, you will succeed in anything you do. You will take pride in the work you do for your employer. Being responsible at work helps you learn to be responsible as an adult. This lesson helped mold me into the kind of employee I want to be in my career. When I was sixteen years old, I was not very responsible. I got a job and had to learn to be a good, responsible employee. When I was eighteen years old, I got a job at a restaurant as a server. I worked very hard and started becoming more responsible with my duties. By the time I was nineteen, I was promoted to a position in management at this same restaurant.

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Lessons In A Childs Life Essay Research

Lessons In A Childs Life Essay Research

Lessons In A Child?s Life Essay, Research Paper

Although most children dislike the trials and troubles connected with learning life lessons, they eventually realize the importance of such experiences as they grow and mature. The six-year old tomboy, Scout, of Harper Lee?s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, learns her life lessons while growing up in her Alabama home. Throughout the course of the novel, Scout not only learns life lessons from her father, but from her community members as well.

Atticus, in addition to being a father and a lawyer, is a teacher in that he teaches Scout, his daughter, many important lessons. Scout learns about many racism issues from her father. One occasion is when Atticus explains racism by saying. As you grow older, you?ll see white men cheat black man every day of your life, but let me tell you something and don?t you forget it- whenever a white man does that to a black man, no matter who he is, how rich he is, or how fine a family he comes from, that white man is trash??(223). Here, Atticus is describing the actions of Mr. Ewell. His lesson teaches Scout his morals, that everyone of every race should be treated the same. Another life lesson Atticus believes is to not prejudge others. He discusses this belief and says. You never really understand someone…until you climb into his skin and walk around in it??(34). This lesson is first taught when Scout complains about Miss Caroline. It is obviously a life lesson because Scout thinks about it at the end of the book regarding Boo Radley. She stands on his porch and finally understanding what Boo?s life is because she steps into his skin. An additional reoccurring lesson that Atticus teaches is the power of being brave and standing up for what?s right. When Scout tells him that a classmate is teasing her, he advises. …you just hold your head high and keep those fists down. No matter what anybody says to you, don?t let ?em get your goat. Try fighting with your head for a change…??(80). Since the novel talks a lot about standing up for what?s right, this lesson of being courageous is important to Scout. Atticus also mentions how he tries to apply the lesson to his own life. By doing this, Atticus is shown to be an important figure and teacher in Scout?s life after all the lessons he teachers her. Scout definitely learns many life lessons from Atticus.

Scout also learns life lessons from her community members, Jem, Calpurnia, and Miss Maudie. Scout is innocent and naive when it comes to her society, so she often consults Jem. She learns life lessons from her brother as when Jem points out. If there?s just one kind of folks, why can?t they get along with each other? If they?re all alike, why do they go out of their way to despise each other. (230). Jem?s questioning of this subject is a lesson because it makes Scout realize the way her society members treat each other. Jem also teachers her the complexity of society and how people go out of their way to hurt each other even though they?re the same. Besides Jem teaching her, Scout?s wise cook, Calpurnia, teaches her many lessons. When Scout is embarrassing Walter Cunningham, Calpurnia scolds Scout. Don?t matter who they are, anybody sets foot in this house?s yo? comp?ny, and don?t you let me catch you remarkin? on their ways like you was so high and mighty. (29). Calpurnia teaches Scout this valuable lesson about the way people should treat others. This instance is one of the times Scout learns about prejudice and the way to prevent it. It is important for Scout to learn this because both her father and Calpurnia do not tolerate it. The third close friend of Scout?s who teaches her lessons is her neighbor Miss Maudie. When Scout wonders why Atticus doesn?t tell her that he is the deadest shot in Maycomb County, Miss Maudie explains. People in their right minds never take pride in their talents??(102). Miss Maudie is teaching Scout a lesson about the way people should act. Scout learns that people who are like her father show respectfulness by being modest. This is an important lesson because Scout will clearly need it to fulfill her dream to become a lady, well mannered and modest. Scout learns Jem, Calpurnia, and Miss Maudie, and she thinks about the lessons they all teach later in the book. All three of them are wise and help Scout and learn.

How a person grows up is determined by the life lessons he/she learns. Scout Finch will obviously grow up to be a respectful adult because of all the life lessons her father and her friends teach her. Harper Lee teaches readers that life lessons shape the mind and souls of individuals regardless of specific teachers. In Scout?s life, the teachers are not only her father, but also her community members as well.

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According to the working definition of the International Big History Association. &apos;Big History seeks to understand the integrated history of the Cosmos, Earth, Life and Humanity, using the best available empirical evidence and scholarly methods&apos;. In recent years Big History has been developing very fast indeed. Big History courses are taught in the schools and universities of several dozen countries. Hundreds of researchers are involved in studying and teaching Big History. The unique approach of Big History, the interdisciplinary genre of history that deals with the grand narrative of 13.8 billion years, has opened up a vast amount of research agendas. Big History brings together constantly updated information from the scientific disciplines and merges it with the contemplative realms of philosophy and the humanities. It also provides a connection between the past, present, and future. Big History is a colossal and extremely heterogeneous field of research encompassing all the forms of existence and all timescales. Unsurprisingly, Big History may be presented in very different aspects and facets. In this volume the Big History is presented and discussed in three different ways. In its first part. Big History is explored in terms of methodology, theories of knowledge, as well as showcasing the personal approach of scholars to Big History. The second section comprises such articles that could clarify Big History&apos;s main trends and laws. The third part of this book explores the nature of teaching Big History as well as profiling a number of educational methods. This volume will be useful both for those who study interdisciplinary macroproblems and for specialists working in focused directions, as well as for those who are interested in evolutionary issues of Astrophysics, Geology, Biology, History, Anthropology, Linguistics and other areas of study.

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